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What's more, Andrew, not carrying any of those cards, or your passport, is not illegal. Whether you carry them with you, or whether you have them at all, is a matter of your choice. You have a passport because you choose to go overseas (or you choose to have a job that obliges you to). Your choice.

You have bank cards since you choose to have a bank account. You could, completely legally, work entirely for cash (income tax and NI can be paid in cash or with a cashier's cheque bought for cash from a bank),

Certainly it's more convenient not to work for cash (or even barter) but it's a matter of choice, not legal compulsion, to have a bank account.

You may have a work ID card; you choose to work for an employer who requires one. Again, your choice. The Home Secretary was not involved in that choice at any time.

The proposed ID card and database entry will be matter of legal compulsion, not choice, so the cards you carry now are not comparable.
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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