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Hi Guys,
It is so reassuring to see that there are so many other people prepared to stand up and resist this government and their insistance that we give up our hard won liberties in the name of 'freedom' and security.( and before anyone calls me right wing, I am a socialist its just that I have been pushed to the Anarchist end of the scale recently because I see no other viable alternative).

I will never register for or carry an ID card. That is a promise, whatever the consequences. Anyone who believes that this is an over reaction check out the Liberty report into ID cards. The ID card system introduced during WW1 originally had 3 uses, by 1950 it was used for 39 different purposes. Does anyone really believe that this would not be replicated ten fold today?

This is our 'Combination Acts' folks. We have to resist because if we don't it will already be too late and our children and grandchildren will never forgive us.

RESIST, RESIST, RESIST. And if all else fails, I'll see you on Bondai Beech!
Tracy Hunter, 15 years ago.

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