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I was born with my fingers, my fingertips are mine. I was born with my eyes, the irises are mine also. My entire genetic fingerprint is mine. All of the information encoded into my being is mine. I will not be forced to give away or entrust any of this information to anyone, or allow anyone to use this information, let alone pay them to do so. My identity is mine, it is as precious as life itself. I should be trusted with it, and I trust noone else with it.

What next? Passwords held in escrow by the government so you don't need to remember them? A copy of your front door key held by the local constabulary just in case you lose it?

Why does the government all of a sudden implicitly trust technology to solve all our ills? There has been recent evidence of cases where it has dramatically failed, so why is it now the best thing since sliced bread? Ironically, the premature (ab)use and subsequent failure of this technology may just be our saving grace.
Nathan Brown, 15 years ago.

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