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Katrina/Miss Kittie Hawk,

I don't think that Blair is seeking such control because of money. I think he thinks that if everyone did what he says then everything would be great and wonderful. But people don't so he seeks control to try and ensure that they do what he says.

I also think that since he thinks that everything he says is for the good of the country then if anyone speaks or acts against his will then they are clearly enemies of the country/people. This is might partly be a holdover from (old) labours communist (when that meant stalinist-state controls everything) leanings.

I expect that both of these are at an unconscious level.

You also need to consider the role of the civil service in advising on this sort of measure. They seem to believe that as the elite they are the ones best placed to control everything. If you want a more venial motive then this sort of thing also ensures that there are plenty of civil service jobs to go around!

I don't know enough about Bush to comment on his motives.
Thurstan McDougle, 14 years ago.

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