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This is interesting! I understand the date has passed for signing -being sometime in October *maybe* making this webpage obsolete, but I'm jived enough to write and take my chances!

I sat here tonight for 40 minutes reading every single one of the passionate listings before me. And I understand the stress.

To be honest I find it interesting how much our feelings are related in regards to current control. I've never heard so much negative on Tony Blair- he's an angel compared to "the bush".
...well, from where I stand

I'd like to make sure that we are *all aware they do this because of their blood relation as cousins -blair and bush. Tony does for Bush and Bush does for Tony because they stands to make a personal financial gain.

Check out some of the alex jones videos, particularly the few relating to 9/11 trade tower collapse.
They all knew what was going down!

They can afford to screw you with the "new" idea of IDcards while I sit here never knowing the freedoms you are still fighting for.
ID cards? Yup.. I've had one since I was born --25 year ago!

From where I stand you guys are good as golden.
I'm the one that needs to fear where my big mouthed leader is dragging me.

help or sugestions welcome:
katrina, 14 years ago.

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