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For anybody who does not understand the potential pitfalls of such an ID scheme, I recommend you study its use by Nazi Germany before and during WW2. If you feel that the past is irrelevant and cannot stomach reading Alduous Huxley or George Orwell, maybe a film like the 1997 'GATTACA' would demonstrate to you how too much information can be missused by the authorities.

I am not saying that this goverment intends their database to be missused, but how can they be sure that the next one will not? So of course how can I even be sure? Simple, there are no guaranties, they can't.

I have nothing to hide, however I cannont begin to fathom why they should have my information, or yours so they can govern the way they choose. As far as I remember they are elected to represent me and you, not control us.
Whilst I can exercice my freedom to choose, I will never give this information up, even if it means the loss of liberties and services obtainable only with th ID card.
Jacob Moss, 14 years ago.

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