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I, and a few hundred others (including a lovely genteman of 72 years called Norman Laws), went to jail rather than pay Frau Thatchler's insidious Poll Tax.

By making sure I never turned up in court when summonsed, the police and court time must have totalled approximately £5,000 back in the early '90s.

Then my month in jail, at £2,000 per week, totalled £8,000, giving a total of £13,000 expended to collect a £550 Poll Tax Bill which was never, therefore, paid.

Any insidious idea such as this can be defeated by a few hundred dedicated individuals. The higher they place the 'penalties' the more it works against them. It's simple: You just don't pay. You make them waste the maximum amount of taxpayer's money enforcing their scheme. Thus the problem rebounds on them to square it all up with 'the taxpayers', using economics as I described above. Would you like to use those economics when squaring it up with 'the taxpayers'?

The ID Cards Scheme could easily be Labour's Poll Tax if people break through the psychological propaganda and realise how easy it is to defeat this sort of thing: Hit them in the pocket, and let's have picture of Tony B Liar leaving Downing Street in tears.
Veronica Chapman, 15 years ago.

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