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As an IT consultant/project manager working for one of the "Big Three" worldwide IT services companies, I can attest to the legendary lack of care that is often taken when specifying and implementing UK public service computer systems.

We should take the Child Support Agency application processing system, and the Inland Revenue Accounting Offices IS/MIS project, as lessons to learn that government IT systems planning needs a huge rethink.

In my professional view, a system of this magnitude is likely to become an extreme liability if the level of reliance is as high as the government Bill suggests. I simply do not trust that the appropriate management has the wherewithal to ensure the system is adequately managed, through development to operation.

The scheme also shifts the focus of personal data ownership from individual to organisation in a broad change, which marks the death toll for responsible data handling by the government and perhaps even for data protection in general.

Thus I wholeheartedly join those on this pledge, and wish the best of luck to all who wish to stand up to these tyrants.
Nicholas Turnbull, 15 years ago.

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