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Geoffrey, Remember in March 2003, over 2 million people marched in London to tell Tony Bliar that we did not want our soldiers going to Iraq. He licked George Bush's cowboy boots and sent young men to kill and die for a lie against one voice of millions of people. 98 British soldiers are dead, hundrends are wounded, an unknown number will never recover from the psychological trauma. I witnessed first hand these allegation on the 10/12/05 at the International Peace conference in London, where both ex American and British soldiers recounted their stories. So yes, Tony Blair is scared off his head, he knows there is no escaping what he has done to Iraq and the world, leave alone to the British families who lost their loved ones.

The sad thing for Tony Blair however, is he still has this grand delusion that by somehow silencing British people under the Terrorism Act, using ID cards to falsely imprison innocent people he can get away with murder. Not this time Geoffrey. The ID card is a scam that will not save Tony Blair at all. How can one man elected by the people to lead the people go against the people and get away with it like Tony Blair has done? This to me shows how imbecilic Tony Blair's thoughts have become twisted.But like all imbeciles, he thinks by burying his head in the sand will save him - this is a man who is being rejected by even army commanders of decency in the UK who are calling for his impeachment. So let us see what he does with ID cards! I for one am not getting any imbecile scan me, for I have enough identification of who I am as it is, and I am no threat to anyone, neither do I owe any one any explanation of why I am on this planet.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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