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It seems that Tony Blair and his chums in Westminster are in a world of their own and rapidly retreating into a state of paranoia. This is very dangerous for the country, because history has shown that the leaders of a nation, if they become fearful of the populace, resort to draconian measures to protect themselves. This is not the only piece of useless legislation that has wasted Patliamentary time and been used as a smokescreen to hide the reality of what is being done. Tony Blair is hell-bent on disestablishing the rights and freedoms of the whole nation in pursuit of some private agenda which is rooted in unresolved personal issues. There are parallels with other 20th. century dictators who have ultimately brought their countries to ruination. This whole process must be stopped and a vote of censure passed against this government's clandestine avtivities.
Geoffrey Grey, 14 years ago.

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