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Copy of a fax sent today 18th June to my MP:-

Dear Roberta Blackman-Woods,

As My representative in the House of Commons, I wish to register my
very strong dismay at the approaching Bill for the introduction of I.D.
cards, and wish to ascertain YOUR views on how this Bill should be
Are you in favour of this ill considered and anti-libertarian bill?
Are you in favour of placing vast amounts of data on a National
Register which is capable of being accessed by anyone with a password?
Are you in favour of a Bill which has more than sinister overtones of
Orwell's !Big Brother'?
Are you in favour of a system which is but one small step away from the
indelible numbers placed on the arms of six million people who happened to be
Jewish, and who also do not happen to exist anymore, courtesy of an
overbearing and arrogant State system which started in all innocence
just like the proposals coming shortly before the Commons?
Are you in favour of a State system which knows ALL about the British
subjects on it's database?
Mike Cunningham, 15 years ago.

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