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Geoffery, I commend you - what a good start to 2006. Whilst the majority of people are still pondering over small issues like the gone Xmas, you are bang onto the real issues that will bring this pusillanimous imbecile and his cabinet tumbling down like rag doles. Its true of the saying 'You can full some people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. That is where Tony and his croonies have gone wrong.

I believe in 'people power' moreso people like you who keep themselves aware of issues like ID cards even when everyone else in slumber from celebrations. Tony's government has pushed us as far as we can go, so we just got to kick back as there is nowhere else to run to. Talk about infringement of people's liberties, I witnessed the worst a few weeks before Xmas by the police force that we pay for on some innocent people who were doing their Xmas shopping, all because of their colour targeting mainly one with a thick afro hair. Not just because he was black, but because he looked like someone from the Moslem community. If that is not incentive enough for me to bring this government and its force to account - nothing else will. We are free people in a free world, nothing to fear, nothing to carry to prove anything to anyone.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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