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The problem with Tony Blair, and it affects his whole cabinet, is that he is a weak man. It was evident by the way he managed to spread the anxiety & paranoia leading up to this country being committed to the US banditry in Iraq. I do not understand why he has not been impeached for telling lies to Parliament. Unfortunately a majority of people voted to put this pusillanimous nonentity back into power, understandably perhaps, as they had not forgotten what was in place before New Labour (New Terror, New Big Brother)! If the present empowering of national agencies & the police force continues, I fear this country will slide into anarchy and civil unrest. The more Draconian the measures taken by this feeble-witted government, the more anger and discontent will be generated. I would vote for this government being given the push at the earliest opportunity, and a stop made of all this smokescreen legislation which is being passed to cover up the really bad laws which are being put in place without either our consent or even awareness. Until yesterday, for instance, I had no idea that the police were being given powers to arrest people on any old pretext. This is very reminiscent of Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany. Before anybody knows it may very well turn in to Orwell's worst nightmare. The next thing will be that they will try to stop comedians making fun of them - like the appalling Hazel Blears - and when we stop being able to laugh at their folly, there will be a tremendous lot of trouble.
Geoffrey Grey, 14 years ago.

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