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This culture of "fear" we live in. Fear of terrorism. Fear of terrorists, sneaking around in terror groups plotting to do terrible things. Yet no /actual/ attacks here in the uk. Not one. Many well publicised 'thwarted' attacks, but hardly any prosecutions and even fewer retractions by the media. Well I'm thirty five years old and grew up in Britain in a climate well used to terrorism - real terrorism with real bombs sponsored by real terrorist fundraisers (NORaid - cheers guys) and the IRA really blew up the town where I lived. But I was never living in fear. There was always a realistic possibility, however small, that I might get blown up doing my shopping or having a beer but we were never living in fear.
I do not believe that the security forces are now so massively efficient that they have stymied every single attack plotted by (Islamic?) "terror groups". Let's face it, they were pretty crap at preventing the IRA sailing over to Holyhead and driving truck loads of explosives into London even with all the intelligence at their disposal. Threat of terrorism, and the protection that ID cards promise to bring us is all illusion. I don't believe a word of it. I will NOT live in fear. I will not carry an ID card.

Mike Jackson, 15 years ago.

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