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I already posted a comment but i had to say (with great pleasure) that a hornets nest has really been stirred up here and its awesome how many comments are actually mirroring each other in the idea of opposing this orwellian illuminist tool of hitleresque control and mind numbing slavery. Having researched what is now transpiring for many years seeing it coming and going from initially being labelled as a mad conspiracy theorist to what is now an obviously finger on the hidden pulse of life kinda guy all I can say is I hope many people on here will find and support each other via the net and combine there individual knowledge to show there is indeed a resistance that is going to oppose tooth and nail the unfolding global facist regime. I only hope the passion and resolve is not dampened by the dark days to come. To quote a certain 80's pop group, god save the queen, she aint no human being, THERE IS NO FUTURE AND ENGLAND DREAMING... well plenty are awakening from the slumber and are mighty annoyed. INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY BEFORE STATE IMPOSED INSANITY. Lets all find ways to unite and oppose similar fascist tools such as speed cameras (police cash cows) and the narrow minded focus of groups such as the CSA (the ability to have contact with a child and giving financial aid to assist as such SHOULD GO HAND IN HAND, I wish the dumb brainwashed bastards who work in there offices would realise this and make a choice of conscience as to who they work for). MAY WHATEVER DIVINE POWERS THERE ARE BLESS ALL OF US AND ENFORCE OUR BRAVERY AND RESOLVE, were gonna need it. :o)
Anonymous, 15 years ago.

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