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Just out of interest, does everyone know who bankrolled David Blunketts speech at the last labour spinfest? It was Fujitsu-Siemens and they are seen as being a major provider in the id-card shambles. So, labour are already committed to ID cards because they have already had their palms greased.

Here's a joke...

What do you call a terrorist with an ID card?

A terrorist.

no, it's not a joke.

ID cards may well tell you who someone is, but does it tell you ANYTHING about their intentions? That is what is important, their intentions. What are they intending to do? Go shopping, mow the lawn or plant bombs to kill and maim. How the hell does an ID card tell you this?

Does anyone know if the politburo and their families/associates are going to be issued with ID cards or are they exempt like they are going to be from the toll roads?
Geoff Hirst, 15 years ago.

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