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I am surprised that No2ID has not given prominence to this story on its web site.

The US has dropped plans to require Irish citizens to carry biometric passports when visiting the US because the technology is seen as too unreliable.

According to the report "Ireland has shelved plans to include biometric chips in passports amid expectations that the US is to abandon its biometric passport requirements"

This is a pretty big challenge to the government's position on ID cards in two particular ways. First, and most importantly, it contradicts ministers assurances that the technology is sufficiently robust for this kind of application. And secondly, the government has based its push for ID cards on the claim that biometric passports will be required by the US and Europe. So we might as well include an ID card because we are going to have to do it for passports anyway. It is looking increasingly likely that it will not have to be done for passports and so the get an ID card for 'free' argument doesn't apply any more.
Stephen Thomas, 15 years ago.

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