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Looking over from my side of the pond, I think you have every right to be really concerned. As the photo on my blog indicates, our leaders are not always all that they seem. Though if I had to choose between George and Tony -- What are the shipping rates from there to here exactly?

We hear mutterings of the same nonsense over here and the same questions apply.
We have some luck with the conservative gun nuts in the Republican Right being exactly the same kind of people who would lock and load in their townhouse before obtaining a national ID card that wasn't sponsored by the NRA (National Rifle Association).

We have the same issues. Why make identity theft any easier? How will these cards really be used? How will the government keep them from being misused by hackers who figure out how to read them while we pass by - and don't tell us it can't happen until you tell us that you've secured the card from that kind of thing from happening.

My God, I just read this month how to expand the range of my home network - read troll for bandwidth on someone else's network too - by using a Pringles can as an antennae!!!!!

Right. Our technology is soooo secure.

I wonder what you can do with a can of Spam? Spam and Eggs? Jelly Babies anyone? Sorry. Its very late over here.

I'll be saving my pence (U.S.) for our own struggles with this demon thank you. But I wanted to take the time to applaud this effort for what it is, a model for all of us for using the internet for intelligent social action.

Peaceful, nonthreatening, fully participating, asking a little from a lot of people and showing the will and the vox populi. If I wasn't disabled and not able to work since Christmas '03, I probably would be sending you the 10 pounds. Sigh. Have to pay the mortgage instead.

All the best. You CAN win this one.

Peter, The Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire and the Odd Bit of Random Quarky Stuff
Peter, The Peter Files Blog, 15 years ago.

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