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The factural inaccuracies on ID cards by Matt wilkes's have been thoroughly covered by other commenters.

Off topic, his statements about people with AIDS from Africa were offensive. As his comment had so much to respond to, it seems churlish to report him.

But saying people with AIDS "caught
(it) through promiscuity" is unforgivable in this day and age.

<i>Dude</i>, this is not the 1980s. AIDS is not caught through promiscuous sexual activity in africa, but most frequently through marital sex. All those dying babies and kids are <i>so</i> promiscuous in your mind, I guess.

Naive, deluded, ignorant, or simply the most stupid person I've heard in a long time?

I dunno. But comments like that sure shine a light on your trenchently voiced understanding of ID cards.
Janie, 14 years ago.

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