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Neil said:-

Remember the scheme will be voluntary until 2013 and then will require a vote in both houses of parliament to become compulsory.

I would take issue with this. If you renew your passport or driving licence, or indeed get one of these for the first time you will be signed up for a card and signed onto the National Identity Register whether you want to be or not. The ability to drive or travel abroad are essentially being held to ransom. The government has also made noises about groups such as teachers being put on the ID register. Again this doesn't really strike me as particularly voluntary.

The government has also made it clear that the ID card will be a "gateway" to public services. That is you will need a card to access services that until now we have been able to use without a card. Sounds more like coercion, again.

Neil also said:- It is simply too easy to use the unpopularity of the current govt as an excuse to oppose ID cards.

I would respond that the dogs breakfast of a bill is one of the reasons the government are becoming unpopular. I have become more inclined to wish for their replacement by another party the more I have learned about the details of this particular barmy scheme.

Neil also said:
There will be another election before 2013, so the public have plenty of time to make their concerns heard if they are not happy with how ID cards are being implemented.

I dislike the "how ID cards are being implemented"! For a start I don't want ID cards implemented at all. By 2013 point billions of pounds of public money will have been spent on IT contractors. This will not be money well spent. Details of the overspends (and non-functioning in many cases) of several government IT projects make depressing reading. (for eg DVLA licence loss, Tax credits £2billion overspend, NHS database and the child support agency database)

I am against the ID card and NIR on philosophical, practical, financial and technological grounds and I will not be complying with it if it should become law.
rob, 14 years ago.

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