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I feel most of the more solid problems they say the ID cards will resolve could be solved in an easier, cheaper way. For instance stopping benefit fraud - why not take a photo of the person when they first sign on, so you can compare it to the person who signs on in the future.

As for the more nebulous reasons, such as 'it will help stop terrorism', I just can't see how, as has been pointed out before the people who flew the Sept 11th planes had valid ID, it made no difference.

The governments seems to want to spend many billions of Pounds on something that won't be of much use, and really is very unlikely to work how the envisage. The data in it would have to be perfect, which is unlikely in the extreme, and it won't solve a lot of the problems it's being promoted on.

Besides all that, I expect my civil servants to treat me with the respect I've been due in the past. I am who I say I am and it is up to an objector to prove me wrong, it is not up to me to carry a bit of plastic that lets me be found in a database somewhere just in case I'm one of the tiny minority of people who aren't who they say they are.
Paul Silver, 15 years ago.

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