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I have "loyalty" cards, but I choose at random when (or if) I use it, so the picture of my buying habits is not complete, which makes it less useful.
Other times I just pay in cash and don't use it at all. In both cases, the choice is mine.

In any case, choosing not to use it means I can assert my right to privacy. It doesn't mean I have anything to hide (not really neccessary for an egg sandwich and a bottle of water) but that I just want some of my own personal space. In a supposedly free society, this is surely not too much to ask.

Oh, and incidentally Matt Wilkes, given that Greenpeace may be seen as a subversive organisation, how long before ID would be used to track the movements of its members? So much for privacy.

But then, if one has nothing to hide, why worry, eh?
Darren Stephens, 14 years ago.

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