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I am not too bothered whether we have to have them or not- just so long as I don't have to pay for one, and we can be assured they cannot be 'cloned'.

In response to some of the previous posts about this government being 'anti asylum seekers' - Let's face it, any one of us would welcome a young family fleeing persecution - I personally would try my best to help them.

The welfare state in Britain was set up a few decades ago to give the minority of unfortunate UK residents who, following a couple of wars, and a recession or two, were unable to earn a living as they were out of work. It ensured that they could receive medical care where necessary, get housed, and receive a modest income so that they could survive.

This wonderful concept has since been abused somewhat, even by our own people - but never to the extent that it is today.... As I said before, no body could resent a young family, or an elderly couple fleeing a torturous regime - we would welcome them with open arms - but when whole container loads arrive from Eastern Europe, having passed through 3 or 4 other European countries where they could have claimed political asylum - it should be fairly bloody obvious that all they are looking for is the free housing and hand-outs.

I am sick to death of the do-gooders all crying out about this government being "anti-asylum" - This govenment has all but ruined out country and destroyed the NHS by being TOO ASYLUM FRIENDLY !!! - let alone being less.

An already crippled NHS is haemorrhaging millions per month paying for aids treatments for Africans who have slipped into our country, pushing to the back of the queue elderly UK residents who have paid their national insurance all their lives and now need a hip replacement or some other surgery - it just doesn't seem fair to me !!!

Maybe to some of you, prolonging the life of someone who has caught aids through promiscuity is top of the list - and maybe so if we had the money - but priority should really be given to the poor old buggers who paid for the whole infrastructure in the first place. Not forgetting of course, our own people in Zimbabwe - former UK Nationals, who are genuinely being persecuted by Mugabe- who are being refused asylum in the UK - how does that work ???

Back to ID cards - If it stops benefit fraud, if it stops bogus asylum seekers slipping through - and if it stops just ONE hate-filled suicide bomber from killing one of ours - then bring it on...

I have nothing to hide - if GCHQ want to know where I am, that's fine by me - why should anyone be against this ? - unless they are worried that their spouses will find they have been down the casino, or at a brothel, or at McDonald's when they said they had been to the Salad Bar.....

Grow up you lot - the world is changing....

If you want to be part of some demonstration, join Green Peace - they are doing some real good at the sharp end - nothing you protest about here will make any difference - and donating £10 a time to some legal fund will only make one person happy - Ugly old Cherie Blair - who will end up picking up the case as the UK's prime "Human Rights" QC - and where will that get us ?????

All you people out there complaining about ID cards - the government already knows just about everything about you anyway - and have done for years - if you're on the electoral register there's more information about you there than will be stored on an ID card.

If you want to get up in arms, how about the supermarkets - everytime you use your loyalty card they are building up a profile of what you buy, so they can target what junk mail to send you, and the banks every time you use your credit / debit card, and the BBC's TV license people, and Telewest / Sky Digital every time you flick a channel your digital or cable TV know what you are watching....

The only thing ID cards will do is make it more difficult for fanatics to come into our country and bomb us to bits.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Forget about the privacy argument because it's total rubbish. If you want to protest, then protest about the cost, because that's all there is to protest about.

If it's free for an ID card, then I'm all for it - if Tony Blair can't tax the people living and working here illegally and not paying tax, then why don't we introduce additional VAT on luxury items, and reduce income tax ? - No tax on bread and milk, no tax on baby clothes, but a sliding scale, so you get to pay a bit extra on a portable TV, and some extra still if you want a 42" plasma screen - and if you want a Bentley Continental you pay 100% extra tax - it's fair - and then at least when you see some useless drugged-up gangster who never worked an honest day in his life, or paid a penny in tax, driving a new 7 series BMW, you would know he had paid at least some of his dues, even if the C.P.S. were to scarred to bang him up.

Time for a revolution - time to stop being nice to nasty people and nasty to nice people ----> we should be nasty to nasty people, and nice to nice people - it's logic dudes.....

Peace out.

Matt Wilkes, 14 years ago.

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