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Top Cat,
Personally, I have still got nothing to hide despite the government thinking that everybody in the world is hiding something from them. This is because what my neighbour and everybody else including TB and his croonies, do not know about me is because it has nothing to do with them or anybody else for that matter, kind of like what is called 'bedroom talk' really.
What buffles me however is how the government is so keen to devulge certain issues over the others. H5N1 'deadly' parrot flu for a start. Tony Blair has even gone public that he will buy vaccinations for all in the UK should a need arise. Thank you TB, but I am sure that overlooks the real concerns of the British population at this very moment. This bird flu has only killed 1 parrot, terrorism has and is still killing old and young on daily basis. Seems like someone is getting his priorities wrong here. Stop terrorising people both abroad and in the UK TB, then we can worry about H5N1.The ID cards for a start will cost maybe even more that the vaccines for this H5N1, and what purpose do they serve apart from what Top Cat has rightly said.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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