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When the government turns fascist, EVERYBODY has EVERYTHING to hide. What would Winston Churchill think of the proposed ID schemes being proposed not only in the U.K., but around the world as well? He recognized that ID cards and forcing everyone to show their papers on demand was a tool by the fascists to control people, effectively making them slaves to a tyrannical state, and when World War II was over, he wanted to make sure that England would never have to suffer under the tools of oppression that the Nazis used in the territories they conquered to keep track of everyone they considered an enemy. When a fascist government decides to name you an enemy of the state, they want to know where your assets are so they can seize them, and they want to know where you are so they can cage you and make you their slave. The facts don't matter when someone in a fascist government decides to declare you an enemy of the state, for whatever reason. ("Any excuse will suit a tyrant.")
And perhaps the biggest insult of all is that this won't do a thing to stop the "terrorists" (really Islam's foot soldiers carrying out the direct orders of the Islamic religious leadership, which is its command and control). Oh, and all the fabricated "intelligence" used to justify going to war in Iraq (making weapons of mass destruction, funding, arming, training, and deploying terrorists) turns out to have been true, just not for Iraq. They got the last letter wrong. That's a heck of a spelling mistake.
Top Cat, 14 years ago.

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