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janie said:

There is no point to ID cards if they are not to be carried and presented on demand. This is what will happen if Blair et al get the legislation through. Having travelled through countries where ID cards need to be shown at every stage of a journey, ID cards create a pervasive sense of fear in the countrymen.


I can tell you that U.S. troops were ordered to shoot anyone in certain Iraqi cities if they failed to show ID. Now you may think it is unlikely this would ever happen in the UK (I agree for the time being since most police are unarmed , and not willing to shoot innocent people? Not so true eh, shoot to kill policy as we all know). We are the worlds number second that exports WMD to the rest of the world! And it is easy to guess which country # 1 is on this list.

Do you think banking institutions in the UK will force us to show biometric ID or use biometrics when using ATM machines like they have in some countries for so called security reasons (where people still have ID theft and thumbs chopped of by thiefs now) (I bet certain US and European elite would like that) for existing services we use?

I guess banks will follow orders since they make so much from us, and most of us receive funds into our bank accounts which means many will have no say or choice. ENSLAVED?! to this sad dark evil grid/system.

No world can operate functionally when all is centralised and consolidated.
Notion of Lost Freedom, 14 years ago.

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