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I wonder what will happen when I refuse to register for a biometric ID card or passport. Some have said Tony Bliar is s using his EU presidency to force all of Europe to have Biometric ID cards and passports for the USA. We know the USA now requires biometric ID to go into the US and also uses it at many airports and supermarkets where only several service checkouts exist - will the same happen to us with Tesco? Don't use self service checkouts.

Are we being forced to have a cashless thinks so. If we accept biometric ID cards we are one step away from accepting the implantable chip - ready to be a slave yet?

When I refuse to have biometric ID then I hope several other million will be joining me. I won't submit to Nazi laws or Nazi Tyrannical Governments. They will have to kill me - I won't ever surrender Free Will.

FEAR NOT; soon we will have lost the Freedom to publish our own words on the internet once Internet 2 has been introdued to the mainstream - there will no no alternative then.

Freedom has almost been shredded completely - we have very little privacy left - we allow less than 3% to dictate to us - the same ones who funded WW2 and the same ones who profit from poison and war. The same ones who want to declare martial law with our will to accept it and submit! Yes they really do want us to surrender all of our liberty to these sick terrorists the same ones who killed Princess Diana - the same ones who bomb London and make out suicide bombers were involved. The same ones who deny any investigations. Ah yes they also killed Dr David Kelly microbiologists remember?!

The NSA has monitored all electronic communications globally for decades, now operating from the UK in Yorkshire - why not go and visit the RAF base they use - you can protest like Germany did until they f.uck off back to the USA. But they didn't they came to America's Bitch - the UK. It is actually illegal under EU law the NSA operating in Europe and evesdropping on all of our electronic communications.

We know who the real terrorists are.

Many people seriously need to be re-educated on the facts and real History lessons - not the fairytales they like to make us all believe in!

We're all ready for the TRUTH - NOT deception!

Let the PNAC ROLL:

So who wont the war last time around? Did we really win? I guess the Nazi pharmaceutical cartels really did have a plan to return post WW2 (like historians have said and proved with documentation) and look they are so powerful now - some of the same Nazis who ran concentrations camps now genetically mutate/manipulate our food.
Notion of Lost Freedom, 14 years ago.

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