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The New Labour parliamentary sheep, blindly following Blair to hell and back are still in a mind to ignore the news from their home fronts: that constituency offices and activists are leaving in droves.

Not just over the utterly illiberal ID cards that change the relationship between citizens and elite, the people and state, but the other draconian moves being mooted ATM.

Claire Short, on Daily Politics today said "I haven't left Labour...YET".

As Andrew Clure says, everyone needs to wake up before it is too late and we live in a police state.

There is no point to ID cards if they are not to be carried and presented on demand. This is what will happen if Blair et al get the legislation through. Having travelled through countries where ID cards need to be shown at every stage of a journey, ID cards create a pervasive sense of fear in the countrymen.

Say no to ID cards, and the National Identity Register: they are the constructs of control, not to protect us from boogymen.
janie, 14 years ago.

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