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As a boring law-abiding citizen, I hope I shall have the courage to protest when ordered to come forth to hand over my life history. I shall smile sweetly and say "I'd rather not". Then turn and walk away and see where I go from there. I have nothing to hide, but I am a very private person and I do not wish to be forced into a position whereby I have to hand over a ID card with personal details on for all and sundry to pass judgement on, to enable me to live what I consider, my normal life. I have never had a problem in proving who I am. But slowly and very surely this Government is making certain I will have a problem unless I submit myself to what I shall consider to be criminal'rape'. I shall lose all respect for whoever does this to me.
Such is the determination of the Home Office to bring these cards into being, I am beginning to wonder what THEY have to hide. And if they have nothing to hide why then do they fear healthy opposition to them. The lenngth they are going to suppress this opposition is more than worrying, its frightening.
P.A.Mela., 14 years ago.

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