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In response to James Sweet:

We stand on the edge of a very large precipice.

Fortunately those of us on here are looking on and doing something while those in Westminster plot their evil.

I've been thinking about the whole refuse pledge over the last couple of weeks.

After that group up in Scotland got arrested for going with intent to disturb the peace when the ID card information wagon came to town, they were photographed, fingerprinted and had DNA samples taken. They are now reregistered for all eternity on the PNC.

How do we fight against that? We all turn up at a registration centre to support our fellow refuseniks and instantly all get arrested for disturbing the peace. At this point the boys in blue then take DNA samples, finger prints and photos so they've got us anyway.

Is the other alternative that we just disappear into the woodwork? In which case has anyone any idea to where this woodwork is?
Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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