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James Sweet said:
"My issue isn't with gaining an I.D. card, as I have nothing to hide.
If they make it compulsory, they make it free. End of."

Careful, James! You may believe that the present Government are being perfectly reasonable in their wish for. Fine. But what about the next Government? And the one after that?

You may accuse me of being overly pessimistic, but we need to start considering these things NOW! Remember that in 1930 a little-known party known as the 'National Socialist German Worker’s Party' started their rise to power - that could NEVER happen again, could it? Small steps, my friend, small steps...

It's not a question of the price of this card - it's a question of whether it's the civilised, the moral, basically the RIGHT thing to do!

Remember that the Government are not the leaders of our country, they are it's administrators - they work FOR us. We need to hold that thought dear when considering any of their pronouncements! :)
Stuart H, 14 years ago.

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