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Thanks PNAC. I know some people will think your imagination is running wild, but believe me you have hit the nail on the head. Why are we complicating our lives with these biometrics? I for one, am for an easy life, and this involves keeping myself to myself if I choose to. However, with these IDs everything becomes public knowledge. Sadly, it is not public only to those who have your interest at heart. It only benefits the greedy conglomerates and the evil like the governments that we see today who will certainly use their state power to oppress those who object to their views on neo-liberal policies and wars.

To me, putting a stop to all this ID nonsense is a do or die exercise. After the ID biometric chip, what else will they do but chip us as PNAC rightfully forsees? Even chipped cattle kick and scream before they are slaughtered, but by then it is too late for them. Therefore, better kick now PNAC before they chip us. I am doing exactly that, not by just signing this pledge, but by telling everybody about what these ID cards are intended for. Some people are passive, others disagree, but overall people get to analyse this whole scam themselves, which is something they may not have done had I not spoken to them. This is a small fight, however, if done by over 11,000 people who have signed this pledge it is the answer to our problems!
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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