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Has anyone else given any thought as to why all banks were required to use chip and pin by 2004 - it was certainly not for improved security - now anyone can know your PIN number and such encryption on the smart chips has been cracked long ago.

Cashless society anyone? Fancy getting used to it...gearing us all up for what is likely to become a growing trend in our future daily lives.

Of course a cashless society means no Freedom or Privacy - it can only result in total enslavement.

The global elite have had this planned for decades. Don't surrender your freedom to anyone.

Just imagine what will be added to your biometric ID card if you submit - all health records, shopping habbits, interests, career history - everything all of your digital ID and life will be in one place for many organisations, corporations to access when they desire, in the future your DNA would also be added to their databases, then to make things more simple they would suggest you having a chip implanted to make it easier and more convenient for us all since we can't possibly lose an implanted chip.

You Shape Our Future! People power still rules - USE IT!
PNAC, 14 years ago.

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