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My favourite thing is the combination of:
- removal of right to silence in a court of law
- biometric id cards
- GPS tracking in vehicles (esp. with real-time reporting, which would come next...)
- "anti-terror" laws which remove the right to a trial - at all.
- "emergency police provisions" which allow the police to make mass-arrests with the permission of the home office.
- attempts to get rid of / reform the "house of lords" and to get rid of the role of "lord chancellor".

i _used_ to be concerned that these things would be abused by... say... oh, i dunno - the british nazi party (remember lepenn got 15% of the vote in france a few years back, as a "protest" vote against miterrand?)

but - amazingly - that concern has paled into total insignificance against the background - and quantity - of fascist decision making going on.

what in _hell's_ name are the idiots in power expecting or aiming to start? world war three??
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, 15 years ago.

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