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On the face of it a compulsory national ID card sounds a good idea, until you sit back and realise that its a step towards a Soviet Republic where we'd all have to "show our papers". In addition have you seen exactly how much information will be stored on the damn things?

This will not counter terrorism at all, terrorists dont give a toss about administrative niceties like passports and ID cards, so what's the point?

Also this is control freakery of the highest order, an alleged democratic government cannot do this to its free citizens.

If terrorism is a genuine threat then get proper border and immigration controls and not let a bunch of faceless bureaucrats know everything about us. Beef up our armed forces and National Security agencies, but within the finest traditions of the british freedom

Freedom is worth fighting for we've had to do it twice last century, now we have to fight our administrative masters no doubt ultimately controlled from Brussels as everything this government does is by sneaky stealth tactics, "slowly slowly catchee monkey". Not this one they wont!

Yes I'll gladly cough up the £10, good luck to you.
Richard Henson, 15 years ago.

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