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If i want to use an ID for any reason (not often) I will carry my driving licence or passport. I WILL NOT allow a tyrannical and totalitarian government DEMAND that I have some biometric prototype mark of the beast, Our governments by definition (in the western societies at least) are meant to be the benign servant of society not its dictatorial legion (they are as crooked and corrupted as any other regime on the planet and often fund those same regimes they use as examples of horrifying rule). Refuse to allow yourself to be a cog in the machine that is the unfolding NEW WORLD ORDER. its time to rise and show our disgust at the contemptuous actions of those who do not care about us and see its own people as cash cows to line there greedy pockets via ever increasing taxes and enforce such actions with orwellian technologies. say it loud "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" before they end up implanting MICROCHIPS. Sounded crazy to most a few years ago but a little pause for thought and its seems the obvious outcome to control us and ENSLAVE us. the 10 seconds in a microwave remark is a top idea, Id rather be a dissident who is forced into abject poverrty (or judging by the direction of our society, shot).. Pre WW2 germany anyone.. its happening all over again but on a global scale. Propaganda and intimidation are the mark of a desperate government on its dying legs aggresively seeking to gain total control before all is lost and we regain our freedoms by sending these idiots packing.
Anonymous, 15 years ago.

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