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What happens when the database crashes, will it be “Sorry you can’t leave/enter the country, can’t draw your pension/disability allowance/unemployment benefit, we can’t treat you in hospital because the computer has crashed and we can’t check if you are entitled to the service.” Or will it be “We can’t offer you employment because we are unable to check your ID card, you may be an illegal immigrant and we have to do the Immigration Services work for them.”

For this dubious privilege we are expected to fork out £85 to obtain this bit of plastic or face a £2500 fine, and we have to let the Home Secretary know every time we move house, or face a £1000 fine. We won’t have a choice as it won’t be a criminal offence but a civil one so the Government will employ the new powers it has awarded itself by having the fines deducted from your pay.
Derek Jones, 15 years ago.

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