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This looks like turning out the same way as the Australian ID card fiasco: people think its a good idea until they find out the cost, both in money and harassment by petty officials.
So, everyone, if anyone tells you cards are a good idea, tell them about the latest cost estimate (rising all the time), remind them of the long list of government's failed IT schemes, how it will give police carte blanche to arbitrarily harass suspicious persons (i.e. young, or with brown skin), and how they will have to attend (or be fined) for rescanning every few years.

And ask them why those who know nothing about computers, and are proud of their ignorance, like the Labour front bench, are so enthusiastic about this database, while genuine database system and security experts think it's a financial and technical disaster waiting to happen. Even the government's head of IT doesn't think it can be made to work:
Malcolm Farmer, 15 years ago.

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