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The ID-Cards per se are a classic red herring; it's the N.I.R. database and the arbitrary powers of the Home Secretary to require to third party to provide their data (e.g. banks) that are the real issues.

You don't see the government surveying people about the databases do you? It's always questions about innocuous cards, not “do you approve of the government storing data on every aspect of your life in a central database that you can not review?”

This is typical Blairite smoke and mirrors, they have intentionally played all the media discussion and most of the debate into a discussion about CARDS rather than the centralised state DATABASE of Britain’s citizens, and the ability of the state to spy on them like nowhere else and like never before, and the ability to share the database with foreign governments, and the power of the Home Secretary to change whatever he likes with no parliamentary review or approval.
Stuart Fotheringham, 15 years ago.

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