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I really object to ID cards in principle, but even on a practical level I am astonished that the 'nothing to hide' camp cannot see major flaws in the idea. Having moved to a different part of the country, I was a little worried that the Inland Revenue could not find any records on me by my (unique) NI number and that they needed my old address. Security recommendations for press conferences during the election campain included having the height recorded for people attending since that's quite hard to fake. Some baby steps towards security, like the simplicity of having your height on your passport, might be a more judicious use of tax payers money. Perhaps the government could concentrate on having systems in place that were sensible in other areas before trying to link them all together.

Also, I'm a little confused about something and people here will no doubt know the answer - if the ID card needs all our details on it, if you move do you need to get a new one (and pay for it!) to have a current address listed? I'm just wondering on the implications for short-term contract workers who move around (and students for that matter!).......
Ellen, 15 years ago.

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