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If you want an idea as to the kind of country you'll eventually be living in if you fail to stop schemes like this one, just look at China. They didn't fight for their freedom, so they never got it. They're not even allowed to protest openly or get any news feeds other than those "approved" by their government, let alone go about their business in private. Will they break their chains of oppression? Probably not - they've been living under them for so long, they could be forgiven for thinking that their lifestyle is completely normal.

The US and UK governments seem to be heading toward the Chinese line of thinking: If you pose a threat to the government, that's terrorism. If you campaign for and against matters important to you, that's terrorism. If you try to make the government look bad in any way, you're a terrorist - or you want more transparent democracy (hell, or any democracy at all), then you're committing treason. In fact, you're all criminals - and you'd better be grateful for every second you aren't spending inside a government-funded gulag, because we'll get you. And soon...
Name withheld, 15 years ago.

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