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We'll see how unlimited your powers are after enough people convince their MPs to enact a vote of no confidence, Mr. Secretary of State. Elections are not the only times a political party may be elected. Many a ruling party has found this out to their cost - I'm surprised that politicians don't study history more. It's a pity, really; if they did, they'd save the rest of us an awful lot of trouble re-living it every time they screwed up (again).

If, in addition to pledging a tenner, everyone here also approaches their Labour MP and says "I'm not bloody standing for this - and if you don't kill this idea right now, I'll make sure you never get elected again", they'll prick their ears up and take notice. Especially if you approach MPs of the other political parties and ask for a vote of no confidence against Labour. Few will argue that it's against their interests!

If you don't take action to defend your privacy, you *will* lose it. Whining on a forum like this feels good, but you will never achieve anything if you don't do anything else. Witness the hue and cry over petrol tax increases - after a couple of weeks, the hue and cry died down and the rises went through without any more fuss. We lost because we didn't fight for ourselves. The French know how to fight - they might be complete and utter pansies on the battlefield, but you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of them in a civil dispute! They got a referendum because they fought for it - not because Jaques Chirac gave them one out of the goodness of his own heart!

Freedom is only won by those who care enough about it to win it back - and if you're not willing to fight and actually lay down your lives for it, then you don't deserve it. Sorry, but it's really as simple as that. Freedom is worth a lot because it comes at a great price - if you aren't prepared to pay that price from time to time, you don't deserve to be free. Wars were won by previous generations to protect us against tyranny - and they won our freedom, for a while. They paid the price, too. Now a new war has started - and, like it or not, your freedom is already on the line. The question is whether you're willing to take up the mantle of responsibility and fight for it - or, just whine and hope it'll all turn out for the best?

I'm going to have a few sharp words with my MP - hopefully, I'll meet some of you doing the same thing.
Name withheld, 15 years ago.

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