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It’s apparent that ID-Cards and, more importantly, the National Identity Database will help rather than hinder terrorists and identify fraudsters.

The British government know this, so why are they pushing ahead with this multi-billion Pound unpopular project; what is their hidden agenda?

I suggest that there are two key (unmentioned) drivers:

Firstly, the Treasury. Once the newly merged Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise can compare people’s bank records against their tax returns, they will be able to do all sorts of previously unimaginable nastiness. Imagine they see that you use a lot of cash, their automatic assumption could be that you buy and sell in the black market (or at least eBay) and should be taxed accordingly, and fined for not declaring your eBay sales in the first place.

Second, the Americans. The US government has requested that the British utilise the same ID chips and technology as them … for compatibility.
Stuart Fotheringham, 15 years ago.

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