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I have no objection to a general, non-mandatory ID card, and would quite possibly buy one if they existed. I do have an objection to the system that will be implemented currently; one which will allow companies to look up individual's pasts, credit card details, etc. The amount of information they want to collect for everyone, and without the provisions in the Data Protection Act (handily modified last time it was changed so the government is exempt from various parts of it), makes the system flawed. The biometric information system has also been shown many times in the past to be an unreliable form of ID.

Did anyone see the "Yes Minister" episode where they were talking about a national identity database? Essentially the same arguments and topics presented there apply now - except that was a satirical TV show, and this is reality. Sad.

I will not register for an ID card.
Peter Wilkinson, 15 years ago.

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