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re Kevin Shussett's comment:

There are a few small problems with your argument. If the technology doesn't end up working, that won't prevent our government from trying and wasting vast amounts of our money. Even if the technology does work, the overall system won't necessarily make us any safer, or save any money, and may in fact make us less secure. Bruce Schneier covers quite a lot of this ground on his site:

The biggest problem I can see is one which would affect *any* large project. The total costs are not clear, the drivers are not clear, the benefits are not clear, the timescale is not clear, and even within this mass of un-clarity, it is not clear whether the proposed "solution" (to the undefined problems) will even work.

If it was your money at stake, would you lend them £6 billion to go ahead... wait - it *is* your money at stake...
matt palmer, 15 years ago.

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