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This has been a brilliant day for NO2ID in Scotland. For today the Home Office’s ‘biometric information campaign’ visited the Gyle Shopping Centre in Edinburgh, and NO2ID was there to give them a real Scottish welcome. Despite the Home Office’s strenuous efforts to keep the arrangements for the roadshows secret we managed to find out about ours - at the very last minute! As a result, therefore, there were only three NO2ID supporters present. However, this was easily enough for us to parade our large NO2ID banner around the shopping centre - and most vitally, during the TV and press briefings. We were also able to give interviews for TV, radio and the press.

Finally, we had a lengthy sit-down discussion with Andy Burnham MP, the Home Office Minister in charge of introducing ID cards, and we were able to leave him in no doubt of the NO2ID case and the strength of people’s feelings in Scotland about the issues. Maybe like the poll tax, they should try rolling out ID cards up here in Scotland first ... we’d be ready for them once again!

An amusing footnote to the day ...
Of all the places in Scotland that the Home Office could have chosen for their roadshow, they settled on a place called ‘the Gyle’. Of course, the other spelling ‘guile’, means deceit, cunning, deception and duplicity. Sounds like they chose well then!
John Welford, 15 years ago.

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