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Luke & Duane

Your lament is mine for I had a choice of Labour or Conservatives - voted neither, but to make matters worse, did nothing about my voting opportunity (pure ignorance). Conservatives rule the roost now in my area, but check what Charles Clarke is campaigning on, 'Erosion of civil rights by Tony Blair!' If you have never seen a wolf wearing a sheep's skin, you have an opportunity now.

On the ID issue, we must never fool ourselves that Tony Blair is not capable of implementing them. This is a man who suffers with major delusions of grandeur. He believes in his mind that his leadership epitomises real democracy. In Metro today, he is quoted as a democratic leader warning China under the heading 'China needs democracy, warns Blair'.

For my part, I am going to be out leafleting streets in my area with the NO2ID leaflets.

Let us all get going to recruit more people so that they also see this lunacy that petrifies some of us.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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