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I have exactly the same regret. I voted this conservative in liberal clothing in thinking he would make a difference and he has, for the worse.

What has changed? As far as I can tell not much. Im still paying for eye tests, I can't go to the dentist, well not on the NHS and I refuse to go private. Why should I pay for a service I'm already paying through the nose for.

It also amused me to see that this government could find £3bn+ to fund a war. A war that need not have happened, a war that the people of this country didn't want to get involved with.

As for a our liberties they're being erroded daily. I believe that the ID card farce is yet another stealth tax and a job creation scheme. How many more public servants will it need keep the whole scheme up and running? More drones telling you that you can't do something because the computer is down or the details on your card are incorrect.

John Smith must be turning in his grave.

Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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