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How true Matt, we fund everything, the wars, Tony Blair's holidays and all his travels, plus the ID cards! Take a day like today for instance, your money has paid for Tony Blair to go to China to negotiate big business for big companies. It can be debated for whose benefit this trip is, but we paid for it. In America, George Bush in now supposedly mopping up the debris of drowned bodies, whilst the US marine jets have just bombed 2 Iraq bridges. This is the sort of world leadership that we have, and if you think ID cards are not one way of implementing dictatorship, then I am afraid, nothing else will convience you. It is obvious to some of us that if we as funders of all this world rubbish that we see today do not do anything about it, we will wake up one day in Hitler/Stalin's leadership. Too late then to do anything!
florence durrant, 15 years ago.

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