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Its worth noting that it has never been extensively proven that biometrics are as unique/accurate as we are led to believe. Following various separate experiments around the world in the 20th century, a study was undertaken in the 70's funded by the US Pentagon who had a vested interest in the desired outcome. They had something like a hundred or so people in the test, and came to the HYPOTHETICAL conclusion that fingerprints etc are unique. If you expand this to 60 million people, even assuming that the technology itself is 100% accurate (I'm an IT guy - believe me the tech angle alone is comicly flawed) even a 1 in a million error margin would severely compromise the whole thing. Having said that, we would never know about these errors, since this info would be classified to protect the government and the entire industry which would spring up around the ID card system. Pledge well and truly signed.
Dan Flower, 15 years ago.

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